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We offer artistic intensives and trainings in devised theater for social change. Allowing youth and emerging artists an incubator and hands on training in social justice theater with experienced professionals in the field. Providing them the tools not only to express their inner experiences with oppression but create focused performances with a message and the skills to teach others this stylized performance pedagogy in schools and communities around the world.    
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Providing summer intensives for youth ages 14-17 and 18-20, and intensives for emerging artists, adults ages 21+   

Using a roster of experienced artists and activists, offering hands on training. Conducting Knowledge for Power sessions with notable scholars with a background in social change. Executing and producing original works of performance developed during the intensives.  

These performances can become touring shows to colleges, high schools, community centers and other cultural institutions coupled with interactive workshops to spread awareness through the arts.    
Exposing youth and emerging artists to the professional arts scene in New York City and State. Providing high level skills development in writing, spoken word, community organizing and performance within an intensive artistic retreat. A space for artists to explore a career in the arts and or cultivate their crafts. 2050 Legacy members have been trained by the most influential artists from New York City and around the country, from the creators of "Party People" Universes, to the artist and activist Sekou Sundiata and are influenced daily by our community of artists such as the Peace Poets, Elizabeth Acevedo and Denise Frohman.
Utilizing thematic exploration to express real life experience.       
Culture Wars / Pelham, MA 2011
Fear and Violence / New York, NY 2012  
Performance Development / UMass Amherst 2014  
Identity / Gay Straight Alliance at Holyoke High School, MA 2016   
Spiritual healing arts /Yucatan, Mexico 2016  
COMING SOON- Priviledge and Visibility / New York State 2018 
Facilitation Includes:     

History • Expression • Breakdown of Elements • Hip-Hop Theatre Aesthetic

Theatre • Theatre Of The Oppressed • Dance • Poetry (Written and Spoken Word) • MC-ing •

How to find a theme
How does an art medium fit into a theme?

In-depth analysis of issues facing communities in question
Utilized as a part of each workshop  


To book 2050 Legacy at your institution or organization, send an inquiry to info@2050legacy.com


Photos by Frantz Jerome (top)  
Yasmina Mattison-Sudan (middle)  
Aisha Jordan (bottom) 
Video courtesy of News 22: Mass Appeal