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2050 Legacy is a social justice theater arts ensemble based on the work of the late Project 2050. 
Project 2050 began as a youth based program created by the influential cultural theater arts company New WORLD Theater in Amherst Massachusetts. Project 2050 was created around the projection that in the year 2050 people of color would be the majority in the United States, and took a look at what that meant for all peoples in this country.
Project 2050 inspired youth and audiences through dynamic social justice hip-hop theater painting a picture of the future in 2050. For 30 years the work of New WORLD Theater touched many people and made a significant impact on communities locally and nationally. In the fall of 2009 after the unfortunate closing of New WORLD Theater, Project 2050 Alumni and affiliates set out to continue the crucial and timely work of Project 2050 by providing opportunities for others to engage in dialogues on social justice, community building, leadership development and art-making.
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